Improving highway safety by informing highway users
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   Whether you travel for business or pleasure, our goal is to make your trip Safe, Enjoyable, Affordable and Timely. We call this our "SEAT Program" and invite all motorists, highway merchants and related parties to join us in this vital mission. Factors such as accident delays, highway construction, congestion, events and weather are ever-changing. We hope you will take a moment to plan your trip and check back often for updates.

   When it comes to highway safety, has worked hard to integrate social media into our site. At we found widespread use of Twitter by many local, state, and federal agencies to convey traffic and travel-related information. Many local news stations and specialized companies provide traffic updates. During a disaster or emergency our interstates must also support relief and evacuation efforts. During these times when phone service may be out, text messaging is a great way to communicate vital information. That's why we say "IM beats CB!".

   We set up a network of over 200 Twitter feeds to provide localized traffic information by state and then by interstate. Visit our "Follow Us on Twitter" page to get instant updates about the road you're on. As always, please don't #text and #drive.​ - All Rights Reserved - Copyright 2014 - 2016
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